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Master tortured that kid for so long before ripping her legs out, then her arms next, then pulled out her tongue and ripped out her head.

The woman beside me cried and wailed so much that her eyes had swollen and her skin were blood red and charred from the silver burning into her body whenever she tried to reach out for her child.

Now he was standing in front of her, just starring into her eyes, doing nothing, no malice, no emotion, just lost. He looked at the side and brought some water for her, which is odd, isn this torture, why bring water?

He forced her mouth open and poured it down and closed her mouth and held her nose, which made her swallow it, and she started shaking, screaming as he kept holding her mouth and nose closed, what was he doing??

After a few seconds, she passed out and he left her mouth and nose and what followed through was blood, he turned to me,