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Master was back now, he came back too soon, will he be okay? he was now getting dressed for an event, the rest of us were dressed in all black, jeans, boots and a leather jacket while he was dressed in black boots, black baggy jeans with a turtle neck sweater.

He drove his car alone, while the rest of us had two to one car, we followed behind him for close to an hour, we all agreed never to bring up the girl again.

As for that woman, shes just in the dungeon with the silver burning her skin as he heals constantly.

We reached a large building with tight security, the building looked like a parking lot for cars. Master had brought out a card? it looked red and the security checked it for a while before asking him something and looking our way.

He nodded and told the others to let down the barricades, and we drove in,

Follow me closely

Master said in the mind link.

Over the next few minutes we drove in circles till he looked as if he was driving at a wall, I horned, but he kept going, I expected a crash but he just got swallowed in, and we went through next, on the other side laid a parking lot twice as big, there were a lot of people here, most of them wearing masks and the others didn wear, the whole place felt like a different dimension, like a nether realm, everything looked destroyed yet in place, and in the middle of the building laid an arena.

We parked the car and came out, he watched us as we walked forward, his eyes were blood red.

I knew he was bloodthirsty, but now that hes angry and grieving, this place is the best place for him. Finally, in front of him, we bow, and walk towards the arena, wait, why we

e we heading to the arena?

Most of the wolves we walked by just stopped and stared, its obvious we were different, but because they couldn guess we were lycans, all they felt was a stronger presence, that was, until master just threw the guy watching over the entrance to the arena.

He needs a place to cool off.


I throw the wolf in front of me into the arena and walk into it,

stay here I say to them in the mind link,

Im here to find more of those that killed my family, and Bella, and get some steam off.

The whole arena went quiet as I walked to the centre with the two shifted wolves fighting, I didn look around, I just walked forward, the emotions Ive kept piled up wanted out, I just wanted to kill, and kill, and flow in river of blood I can create.