Inf小說網 >  2132: NIRVANA >   Chapter 16

We has started fighting these wolves, they were numerous but their individual strength wasn anything to worry about. Master told us to kill them all, leaving none alive except the two that were behind them,

One of the wolves growl and jumps at me only for me to duck and stab my hand into his chest, ripping his still beating heart out and throwing the corpse to one of the wolves running at me.

it stumbled and quickly regains its composure, before letting out something that looked like spears, made from ice, I start chanting a spell to create a shield to protect me from it, the wolf let it go, as it flew towards me wanting to make me into a kebab.

a couple inches from my body, a light transparent shield appeared, tanking all the ice spears, the spell worked too, it feels weird, being a witch and lycan but I could get used to it.

I turned to look at the others to see they were fairing well, none of us had turned to our lycan form, master advised us against it, and thus battle wouldve been ended so quickly.