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Its been years and years ends. Why can I find a small pup that hasn even seen the world. I can operate freely as the other packs would be alert about it and know its mine thats done this.

The situation happening in the world would shock a lot as the six-packs are trying to rule over each other but its impossible.

I sigh. This would have been much simpler had we come for them while they were at their weakest, who wouldve thought those two could do such damage although not being the chosen8.

I stand up from my desk only to walk towards the door, a plan in process on how to get this child before it becomes a thorn at my side.

I stop at a door with some stickers on it, and knock, as loud as I can, my mind on other things when the door opens and I couldn feel my hand hit the hard surface, but there stood the one I wanted, my daughter.