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The days passed smoothly, I had returned back to being a principal and in that time, Ive murdered nearly 10 wolves, in these past few days, those wolves just come to annoy me, most of them were scouts, they were killed on sight by the four lycans.

Now that I think about it, I should bring tje rest of the lycans from there over here, they can live and eat, and guard that mansion like their own. Well technically it is theirs if they decide to live there, in truth I decide, and they follow.

I look at my desk, I was finished with the reports on the schools events, a week from now will be an event for the school alone, a tournament of course, consisting of the top three best of each class to battle it out with themselves to achieve the best three of their set.

A total of 18 classes and 6 sets, the classes are divided into bronze, silver and gold, the differences between the three aren much except the fact that they pay more for certain benefits in the school, like better menu at the cafeteria, better teachers, larger training area, and better resources, apart from that, the three classes don have a supernatural difference that the school applies. It was unspoken that obviously, the children of richer wolves or vampires have various means to protect themselves, the wolves either having an attendant with them who has a contract or the vampires having a special type of blood in vials they carry around but hidden.

I sigh, there has been alot of things to prepare for and organise, I slouch in my chair, and put my head on my hand and think, my wolf isn really bothered anymore about our mate, before he and I were trying our best to resist this excuse of a mate bond, but immediately she left, we felt relieved, is it meant to be that way? I heard that other wolves could not bear even a little distance from their mates, so why was I so eager to get rid of her. Maybe another perk of my kind?

Speaking of my kind, I further tried to study whatever I could find about my kind, it seems that my kind are the perfect assassins, the weakest of us can summon a dark mass of matter everywhere which cancels sound, blocks the vision of the target and most especially, instill fear on whoever is caught in it, the highest of us, mostly the alphas, but since my kind doesn have an alpha, whoever had a more concentrated bloodline, could achieve it, summoning of the dead and souls as companions.

I am not too sure of how such a thing worked but if I could master it, with all the dead bodies in this world, if I were able to raise them to fight in that war, then the situation could be better, though, it still bothers me, how does the other alphas and wolves think that they could fight against the moon Goddess and other ancient wolves like themselves except at full strength with divinity in them? it was like trying to touch the sun from the ground, impossible to begin with.

if I could, I would beat them all up and make them submit to her, but my strength alone isn enough, even now, someone is watching my movements, I can go exposing the secrets of the lycans, so what exactly should I do?