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A week had passed since I sent Rollo and the others to get more lycans, truth be told, I know nothing can stop them over there, so theyll be back in another week or so. The blood I gave them should be enough, all thats needed is just a drop of my blood to mix with theirs, and since rollo and the others are lycans themselves, they can just communicate what to do to turn back.

Its obvious that with the amount of lycans that exist, if I want to get them all, I will have to visit the different continents, and even more than that, I will have to create a pack, but since lycans are not bound by the same rules that wolves are, I should just let them all acknowledge me as master.

I sigh.

I would like to create contracts with the witches that turned lycans, I know they will give it up, but something within me, makes me think all of their contracts are inferior to mine, or at least, the one Bella left to me, although Im not as greedy as to take up every contract I can find, I will have to take the ones that are useful for me, and just in case, let rollo and the others have contracts depending on just hoe many witches they find.

Currently, Im walking towards the competition that the school created for the students, I could go faster but as the principal, I will have to take my time, especially since there will be adults there, and sponsors, as well as other variables Im not too keen on finding in my school.

The venue of their competition was a stadium within the schools vast premises, aunt Janet mustve really outdone herself when building this, at the top of the stadium are podiums, that can contain five people in one, and there are as much as 30 of them. The only people that can sit there are myself, there are no vice principal or disciplinary as I take that role myself, and then the sponsors, and parents rich enough to afford it.

The stadium housed sections for the parents and sections for the students and another section for the teachers to seat, yet there were still alot of empty seats left unfilled. I take my walk up the stairs to the podium that stood out the most, its view showed everything from the entrance of the stadium to even below my position as there is a see through glass hidden and can be shown at the push of a button.

The students had all become quiet thats for sure, watching me climb the stairs, yet all I had in mind was hoping that this fights would be interesting, most of the kids in the school more or less had figured out that Im much stronger than they could believe, each of them having their own way of finding out but thats left for another day

I finally reach this place, and take a seat after locking the door, as soon as I took a seat, every student and teacher rose as they rained praises on this continents rulers, the dark moon pack. if I didn know them personally as I do, I would have thought that they were Gods, reigning high above everyone, Im guessing its this kind of ** that the moon Goddess doesn like.

hm? could it be she removed the divinity we had so we would appear weaker in front of the vampires, humans and witches?

I shrug the thought off, if that was the case then it was already too late when she removed it, as none if the other races wanted to fight anymore, but that shouldn stop other races from asking questions like why they stayed. I look down at the referee thats telling the rules when I feel someone is watching me but before I could trace it, the feeling was gone.

I don put much thought to it, I can feel myself getting stronger from rollo and their efforts, at this point, I can die, and Im too strong for my own good, until they come back, Im just going to wait, and not go beating anyone up.