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All around the world,

The wolves around the world felt something wrong with the six packs, even the vampires that usually go in hiding could feel it.

The news that Peter, Former Alpha of darkmoon pack is dead had already spread to all the wolves and the world alike, it came as shocking news, it was very terrifying,

how would the other five react? who killed him? and most importantly, where is he now?

The world heard this unbelievable feat and ridiculed whoever killed Peter, making them an enemy of Darkmoon, who has the monopoly over all silver, whether it bullets, arrowheads, or bombs with an adequate amount of silver in it to burn a wolf up.

Whoever killed him had nerves, but that was it, when it comes down to the six packs that rule the world, no one can overrule them, nor surpass them.


On the Lantic Ocean, a Meduim-sized ship was headed straight to Maikoh, The continent of Genius the habitants termed it.

This Continent was known for its mass research and secrecy, to the point of shutting themselves out of the world, it was as though they needed no one but on the contrary, needed as much as they could get.

The ship had a male in camo cargo pants and a black tucked in a singlet with a chain on his neck and a military-grade knife swirling around his hand.

Behind this man was another, pitch black hair, naturally tanned skin, eyes red like blood, he spotted on black baggy pants with Jordans, black and white, Then a big long sleeve shirt that was buttoned up, and the last button before the collar left open.

On his neck were five silver chains, light but still sizzled on his skin, he had on a leather bracelet and a black coated ring on his forefinger and pinky finger, he stared out at the ocean as he sips on wine from a long time of wait.

The man in camo turned to him, looking around his neck remembering the day that the one in black bought those necklaces, they were planning to leave the continent when he suddenly went to a jewellery store to ask for light silver necklaces, all the same length and type, then he asked for custom letters attached to the necklaces, M, I, M, E and K.

He wore all five of them as they sizzled on his skin as his skin healed, this continued non-stop.