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After burying what was left of them, I walked away, from everything I once knew. I thought about where I could go but it never occurred to me.

I had reached the highway, no one was on it, I turned right, which led to a town and started jogging towards it, the only place in my mind to turn to was my aunt. Jesse, she wasn much in my life but she wasn a stranger, she was just too busy, and hated that Esther married Michael.

I keep running without a care in the world with that mysterious wolfs words on my mind.

About thirty minutes later, I had reached the town, it was lively, I had never once been allowed to come to the town, I was only made to stay there. Looking back now, I can see why but I can understand, why me?!

I look at myself, a dirty looking ash pants and a hoodie, without any sneakers.

I put the hoodie up my head to cover my face and I walk into the town, I hated this, all of this, all Ive ever felt was anger, and now I can control it… before I did, but that was when they were alive, right now I can , not until I find them all.

As I stick to one side of the street, moving towards a store at the corner of one of the blocks. When I walk in, it was scanty, there wasn much more than three people in it, the store owner from my guess and two customers….they saw me and their face immediately turned for the worse.

They walked out of the store, with what was in their mind evenly written on their face.

I walk up to the store owner who just stared at me, with no emotions nor did I sense any ill intent.