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It has been three days, and neither aunt J nor I have seen or heard from Bella, its unsettling but I couldn put much thought into it, she should be fine, but to make sure, I sent Ralph, the bigger one of the three lycans that came with me.

Lycans overall are better than the wolves now because the moon goddess reduced our tremendous strength over the past millennium and only left those that became immortal with just a speck of the original seven nameless powers.

I sigh, he will find her.

I look at the time and see its 1:30 pm, when its 2:00 pm ill have to leave the school and start my search for them again; albeit slow, for the past few days, my lifestyle has been to wake up, workout, train, shower, come to the school as principal and then look for clues that would lead to my parents death.

My phone buzzes, and I pick it up and answer the call, it was an unknown id but I could pretty much guess who this was.